M. T.
CMO & Co-Founder at ClickClickDrive
Matthieu was born in France. During his MBA he completed a double degree and is therefore fluent in English, German and French. Prior to co-founding ClickClickDrive, Matthieu was responsible for the marketing strategy of a portfolio of 7 companies at Delivery Hero. In addition to his strategic position, Matthieu also led a team of performance and offline marketing experts focused on ROI-based user growth. Prior to Delivery Hero, Matthieu was responsible for the TV media purchase of Affinitas GmbH, better known as "eDarling or Elite Singles" in Europe. His expertise enabled him to build a team of international media buyers from Berlin in 25 countries with an 8-digit net EUR budget and 100% ROI focus. As CMO Matthieu is responsible for all online and offline marketing activities of ClickClickDrive.